Irony In Lamb To The Slaughter And Desiree's Baby

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Kate Chopin and Roald Dahl both use irony as well as similar themes of betrayal and heartbreak to motion their two very different storylines forward. Though the works take place in antithetical eras, each holds a similar calamity that results in the breaking up of the protagonists and soon to be antagonists. These moments of heartache hold relevance due to their unfortunate relatableness in today 's society. Upon further inspection of the themes and irony in Lamb to the Slaughter, and Desiree’s Baby, the reader can better understand the possible cruelties a relationship can hold as well as it 's sometimes unavoidable hardships. Both narratives bear a conspicuous similarity using irony. This use of irony leads to an essential to…show more content…
In Chopin 's writing Desiree has a response of hopelessness as well as desperation. When Armand demands her leave from the plantation Desiree seeks her child and “disappears among the reeds and willows… and she did not come back again.” In her fit of sadness and helplessness Desiree kills herself and her son while on the contrary something 's quite different occurs in Dahl’s story. In Dahl’s story he goes in a different direction, making the reader feel the sense of anguish, anger, frustration, and strange return to normalcy the main character undergoes. For example, after committing the murder of her husband, Patrick, Mary acknowledges the fact that she has killed her husband; however, continues with what she was doing beforehand as if her husband who had died by her hand wasn 't lying dead on the floor. She thinks to herself “So I’ve killed him”, then proceeds to continue cooking “She carried the meat into the kitchen, put it into a pan, turned on the oven, and put the pan inside.” It is then evident that she was genuinely guilty and felt anguish as she arrived home from the store and found her husband “knelt down beside him, and began to cry… no acting was necessary.” These differences help reveal what the two very different things people could feel after any
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