Irony In Lord Of The Flies Chapter 2 Foreshadowing

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In Golding’s Chapter 2 the irony and foreshadowing proves that even children are capable of horrific behavior. In the beginning of chapter 2, they start to establish rules and Ralph says, “He can hold it when he’s speaking. And he won’t be interrupted, except by me.” (33). Ralph is the newly elected leader who decides the rules; but his rules are unjust and unfair. It is ironic because it echoes the unfairness in society which the children parallel even though they try to make new rules. Even though Ralph’s power over everyone else isn’t horrific, it foreshadows the behavior of the kids later in the novel and how it can be abused. Another example is when Piggy’s glasses are, “snatched off his face.” (40). This cruel treatment of Piggy reveals
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