Irony In O Connor's A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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There are many different types of stories out there, some which consist of love and others loss. Many people seem to think it is important to have sappy love in every good story. They think this because they have a lack of patience in plot building and need a certain amount drama to keep them entertained. However, it is possible to have a great story without any of that fluff. O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” takes a different approach in a good story by introducing a slew of crazy irony. All the irony gives the piece a vast dynamic in characters and themes. The first irony found in this story is the whole idea of the “Good Man”. The Grandma throughout many different scenarios in the story skewed the definition of a “Good Man” by using it until it became meaningless. She used it to describe Red Sammy after he let two people screw him over by letting them charge their gasoline. Red Sammy was not a good man here because he was gullible, but the Grandma thought otherwise. Also, the idea of the “Good Man” gets wrongly used again when the Grandma runs into the Misfit. The Misfit is about to kill the Grandma when she calls him “good” and says that a “Good Man” would not shoot a lady. She then gets shot in the chest three times by a man she called “good” because she thought he aligned with her moral code.…show more content…
At the beginning of the story when everyone got in the car for the trip the Grandma put on her hat and explained to everyone that it made her a lady. She also said everyone would know she was a lady if they got in a car accident because of her hat. This whole idea of the hat making her a lady represents her flawed moral code. The sad part about this is that the Grandma cares more about her standing as a lady than noticing her family being killed. When irony does happen and the Grandma does get into a car accident her hat falls apart. This represents her idea of being a lady fall
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