Cask Of Amontillado Irony Analysis

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Authors use irony in their stories to help maintain the attention of the readers. Irony happens when the readers of the novel predict that the character or the plot in the account has an attitude or intention oppose to that which is really stated. Coraghessan Boyle through his account Carnal Knowledge uses irony to help gives the account a rather humorous tone. The way through which the narrator of the story reacts to the ironic instances assists the readers in understanding him and the meaning of the entire account. Contrastingly the use of irony in Edgar Poe Cask of Amontillado is rather tragic. The paper shall show how irony has been used in both of the accounts. The
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One of the main characters in the account, Fortunato dresses up as a court jester for a supreme Carnival which occurs at the start of the account. It is rather ironic that he dresses like a fool based on the fact that she failed to see the indication of the mastermind plot by Montresor in quest of getting his revenge and eventually killing him. This is one of the illustrations when the author uses irony in the account. Another instance that irony is used is during the period which Fortunato posted a question to Montresor asking him whether he was a member of the secret fraternity /mason. Montresor responds that he was Mason. Nonetheless, by using the phrase Mason his definition was that he was a craftsman who was building houses by using stones. Irony that is depicted in the account is largely tragic. Fortunato continues with his drinking habits although he had a persisted cough. Ironically he ends up dead during the period that he was drinking to the dead in the

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