Irony In The City Of Ember

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In the City of Ember, irony occurs throughout the novel. As an example, the mayor steals food from the citizens of Ember. Doon exclaims, “‘It’s a solution for him, not the rest of us. He gets everything he needs, and we get the leftover!” (158). Doon and Lina discovers that the mayor is working with the guards and Looper to make sure that he gets what he wants. While the citizens of Ember are suffering from the lack of supplies, the mayor is not only slacking but also taking the citizen 's food. Mayors are expected to help the citizens, be selfless, and hear the voice of the people to work for the benefit of the city; but Mayor Cole was instead very greedy and corrupted. When Doon and Lina tries to tell the citizens about Mayor Cole’s evil intentions,

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