Irony In The Interlopers

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There is a strong sense of irony in the short story “The Interlopers” because Nature always seems to take its course, especially when the feuding men turn friends think they are in control of the situation. In an attempt to be saved the men issued, “hunting calls” (Saki online). Typically, a hunting call is in an attempt to lure in animals to be hunted and killed. The two men were successful in luring in animals, however, it is likely these animals will not be helpful for the men to surround themselves with. The ending of the story is an example of irony, “Wolves” (Saki 301). The men become excited as they see figures approaching, assuming that they are the other’s men coming to save them. They are soon after horrified as they realize that…show more content…
The fact that the men now intend to shoot each other shows how the feud has corrupted their ambition and actions. Despite Ulrich and Georg both being armed with the intent to shoot the men are faced with another obstacle, “[a] falling beech tree had thundered down on them” (Saki Online). The tree immobilizes the men, and in pinning them, prevents either man from using his rifle to murder the other. This event shows the random power of nature, and how it doesn’t abide by man’s feuds or allegiances. On the other hand, nature’s perfect timing—felling the tree just as the two men round it and see each other—might suggest some sort of divine order, one in which nature teaches the two men a lesson about their limited power. The wolves that appear over the hill when Ulrich and Georg call for help also demonstrate both the power of nature and its disregard for men or their concerns. Pinned, neither man will be able to fight off the wolves or death. like the Beech tree, “Wolves” (Saki online). will not recognize the different class levels of the two men. Both Ulrich and Georg were initially convinced that whoever’s group was first to arrive would kill the rival forester. After their reconciliation, the men believed that the first group of foresters would save the former rival. In their narrow focus on their own relationship, they forgot about the natural dangers of the forest, twice.
In the short story "The Interlopers," the tone is serious and defensive. Both characters, Gradwitz and Znaeym, have hatred one for the other. The setting affects the tone and mood. It is a dark, stormy night in the forest. Both men are out to get the other. There is a somber, gloomy, suspenseful mood. The reader anticipates which one will find the other first. Simultaneously, they run directly into one another, both with rifles in hand, “rifle” (Saki online). The tone is
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