Irony In The Kite Runner

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As regular people we know that when we damage someone we love, we try to find redemption in any way possible. Fear, pride and many other factors play in the act of doing what is considered to be morally right. In Khaled Husseini’s The Kite Runner, the protagonist, Amir, deals with a situation where he is confronted by deciding weather to help a dear friend or ignore a harsh situation. All of this leads to the author using symbolism, irony and imagery. Irony is found in many ways of literature, and the book The Kite Runner is one of them. The protagonist, Amir is witness of a terrible crime being committed to his friend, but Amir does nothing to stop it from happening. Hosseini uses this situation in the book to show how Amir was acting selfish. This act of selfishness leads to guilt later on. According to ( “Amir becomes exactly the sort of coward Baba worried Amir would become” (1). This obvious guilt made Amir feel like a helpless coward. These feelings would be nightmares for him for many years to come. Irony may also lead to one forgiving him or her self. In Hosseini’s novel Amir later discovers an important piece of information that could change his life forever. As Amir discovers the truth about his relationship with Hassan, and also gets the news…show more content…
One of the many aspects that Hosseini added to his novel is the symbol of the kite. Amir takes this kite as a symbol of happiness and also of guilt according to ( (1). Amir goes through a hard time when he is a witness of Hassan’s dignity being taken. Amir at the moment does nothing about it because he feels like it would take all attention away from him by Baba. Baba, being a champion kite flyer feels extremely proud of his son because Amir is following his
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