Iroquois Confederacy Vocabulary

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wampum : Wampam was symbolic “words” of condolence. When Hiawatha 's seven daughters were killed by an evil sorcerer, the wampum given by Deganawidah (the Peacemaker) restored his emotional balance. They took the wampum to the five Iroquois nations as a message of peace. This became the Iroquois Confederacy. (pg 3)
Iroquois Confederacy : The Iroquois Confederacy was when the Iroquois nations submerged their differences and created a confederacy based on the condolence ceremony. The Iroquois Confederacy’s origins date at about CE 1400. The historical significance is that the Iroquois Confederacy is the oldest dated democracy. Because Indians did not communicate through alphabetic writings before Europeans arrived, the principal sources of evidence
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The most sophisticated early plant cultivators lived here, where maize agriculture was highly developed by 2500 B.C.E. As Mesoamerican farmers refined their practices, their crops improved. Higher yields and improved nutrition let societies to center their lives around farming. Over the next eight centuries, maize based farming societies spread throughout Mesoamerica. Maize cultivation began in Mesoamerica in about 5000 B.C.E. After producing crops surpluses, Mesoamerican societies traded with less populace, non farming neighbors. Expanding their trade contacts, a number of these societies established formal exchange networks that enabled them to enjoy more wealth and power.…show more content…
Beginning around CE 700, they developed a new culture called Mississippian. The volume of Mississippian craft production and long-distance trade dwarfed that of Adena and Hopewell peoples. Religious ceremonies focused on the worship of the sun as a source of agricultural fertility. The people considered chiefs to be related to the sun. when a chief died, his wives in servants were killed so that they could accompany him in the afterlife. Largely in connection with their religious and funeral rituals, Mississippian artists produced highly sophisticated work in clay, stone, shell, copper, wood, and other materials.

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