Irritable Bowel Syndrome Research Paper

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What is IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common and chronic gastrointestinal disorder of unknown causes. It has a general effect on your dietary pattern. Symptoms include abdominal pain, bloating sensation, diarrhea or constipation, feeling of incomplete emptying, looser stools at the onset of pain, frequent bowel movements at the onset of pain, fatigability, heartburn and difficulty in swallowing. Unrelated symptoms of the Gastrointestinal system but combined with the above symptoms like sweating, flushing, migraines, urinary disturbances. Also, psychological symptoms of depression and anxiety can co-exist.

In some cases there might be blood in feces if and only if there is an associated condition.

The condition is
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But there are chances that you might actually have Inflammatory bowel disease, in case you present with the symptoms mentioned. It is always safe, not to play a Doctor thyself and approach a Physician.

Irritable bowel syndrome
Some Random Facts

A study conducted amongst the Japanese population, who is believed to have a healthy dietary pattern, the prevalence of IBS was found to be reduced.

The same study also concluded that the prevalence of IBS was significantly related to the higher prevalence of metabolic syndrome (a constellation of metabolic disturbances that includes insulin resistance, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dyslipidemia, central or visceral obesity and accelerated cardiovascular disease) and higher amount of triglycerides.

One in five people amongst the general population face IBS in their lives at least once.

Add more fiber content and iron-rich foods in your diet and follow a regular schedule of exercising to be counted among the four people not affected in the general
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