Irving Berlin White Christmas Play Analysis

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Irving Berlin’s White Christmas is a joyful, holiday, thrilling production created in order to help people not only get in the Christmas spirit, but to realize what makes Christmas special is who you spend it with. The musical opens up with an army scene on Christmas Eve. All of the soldiers are attempting to get in the holiday spirit, but especially Bob Wallace and Phil Davis. These guys are the life of the party. They performed for all of the other soldiers by singing different holiday songs as they wore their Santa hats, and bells around their neck. The next scene we see the “Ed Sullivan Show.” The war is over, but Bob and Phil are still partners. Bob and Phil have made it big with their performances, and now they travel together and perform…show more content…
Bob and Betty initially didn’t get along at all, but the more they are around each other the more they begin to enjoy each other’s company. Soon they fall in love, but a problem strikes. Betty overhears talk of Bob’s “million dollar proposition” and she is under the influence that Bob is going to degrade the general on live television and buy out the Inn. This makes Betty leave Vermont, and head out to New York to perform solo. Little does she know that his “million dollar proposition” is that Bob announces the holiday performance at the Inn on The Ed Sullivan Show. Bob persuades people to pack up their families and come to the Inn to watch the Christmas show. Bob follows Betty to New York and tries to get her to come back, but she doesn’t budge. Instead she talks to the Ed Sullivan Show about her next move in her career. Betty wasn’t satisfied though, and she went back to Vermont to Bob and the rest of her “family.” Well it comes time for the big Christmas show therefore Bob and Phil surprise the general with all of the audience members that consisted of many people he knew from the army accompanied by their families. This made for a great show and a great ending. The general was able to keep the Inn, Bob and Betty were happy together, Judy and Phil were happy together, and everyone got to spend time with their true family. Their true family that wasn’t blood related,

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