Irving School Case Study

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Aside from what was said before, it does not take even Einstein himself to figure out that what Ahmed had brought to class had no physical representation of something seen hazardous by mankind, yet Ahmed’s teacher had the guts to claim that what Ahmed brought in was the legitimate representation of a bomb. As you can see from the picture shown above, Ahmed brought in had no explosives attached; it was presented in a metal case and contained only circuits. Even someone who is inexperienced can determine that multiple circuits can only make a spark and not an explosion. This questions the hiring system for teachers in schools like this. Someone this inexperienced should not partake in the education system. It also questions what procedure school would take if the invention brought in…show more content…
We still would have taken the same actions." She further said "If the family is willing to give us written permission, we would be happy to share with the public the other side of the story so they can understand the actions we took”, in other words, Lesley Weaver claims that this matter was not a matter of Islamophobia, but a matter of proper protocol. So from what Weaver tells us, the Irving school district did not fail to follow proper procedure in regards to situations like Ahmed’s and that the school should not be held accountable for any mistakes outside the school, apart in which did not make sense was that the school district decided to fire the teacher. If the school district claimed that what the school did was the right thing to do… then why would the school district take the time to search and fire the teacher. It is as if they were trying to hide the truth with lies, which leds to the question of whether or not Islamophobia was
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