Is A Hard Life Inherited By Nicholas Kristof

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Nicholas Kristof once said, “ In effect, we have a class divide on top of a racial divide, creating a vastly uneven playing field, and one of its metrics is educational failure”. Human Rights Activist and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof is a very profound writer. Nicholas Kristof is known for his powerful and emotional passages that really gets in the audience 's thoughts like, “Is a Hard Life Inherited”. The purpose of this passage is to inform the upper-class families and society of the struggles of the lower middle class and the hardships that they need to overcome in order for success. The strategies Nicholas Kristof used can be separated into three important segments which are pathos, logos, and cause and effect. This passage conveys a personal and emotional story line. It personalizes the human struggle of an individual living with multiple disadvantages. Nicholas Kristof uses the strategy of pathos to make the audience feel a sense of guilt. One of Nicholas Kristof’s friends, Rick Goff, is representative of the travails of working-class America. Nicholas Kristof writes, “Rick is immensely bright, and I suspect he could have been a lawyer, artist or university professor if his life had gotten off to a different start. But he grew up in a ramshackle home in a mire of disadvantage, and when he was 5 years old, his mom choked on a piece of bacon, staggered out to the yard and dropped dead”. This is explaining that if these unfortunate events didn 't
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