Is A Mechanical Engineer A Dangerous Job?

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Is a Mechanical Engineer a Dangerous Job? Is it worth taking the risks to become a mechanical engineer? Many people think that a mechanical engineer is a broad field to enter, doing the same thing all the time, but that 's not true. There are over 100 fields you can enter as a mechanical engineer. As for the salary of the field, mechanical engineers earn on average, about a salary of $68,268 per year. Most people in this career move on to a different job after 20 years. Experience does have an effect on the salary for this job ( “Mechanical Engineer Salary”). But for the majority of them, most of them create and develop mechanical systems for all of society. They use the principles of force, energy, and motion, in their thinking 's while they work. They use their knowledge of design, manufacture, and operational processes to advance the world around us; enhancing safety, and enjoyment throughout the world. But, as some might not know, mechanical engineers ' safety is always at risk because of the machines and tools they use and the dangerous conditions, but there are precautions mechanical engineers can take to ensure their safety. One of the most common issues mechanical engineers face is working with complex machines and tools. Key areas to watch out for while working are winding equipment, diesel engine systems, conveyor belt material, welding, high pressure hydraulics, bolting and drilling, and lifting equipment (“Key Risks”). To minimize the risk of these machines and

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