Is Abortion A Modern Life Cause Of Abortion

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Is abortion becoming a modern life cause of casualty? Should abortion be completely banned? Why should we fight against abortion? According to statistics, there is an equal “yes” and “no” answers regarding the issue, ventilating opinions over the matter, thus fortifying arguments revolving it. Indeed, abortion is becoming a modern life cause of casualty and is also becoming an option. Abortion should completely be abolished as this could be considered as an enormous brutality and tragedy of violently ending a new human life. According to my research, abortion has already been legalized in over 30 countries and is unlike any other issues debated on today. As I take a stand on this matter, I shall say that I am to argue in favor of life. My paper will arm itself with the facts and deliver them with hope and in my case, I am not going for the language of faith nor religion. Abortion is said to be the deliberate termination of a pregnancy resulting in death of an embryo or fetus before it is capable of independent life. Moreover, in medical contexts, this procedure is called an induced abortion which is the premature exit of conception from the uterus. Once this procedure is done, there are those people who would be affected-the mother, the significant other of the mother, the families, relatives and friends of both, and the child itself. For one, abortion may be a miserable experience, while to another, having a forced child may also be considered as a miserable experience.

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