Is Abortion Ethically Wrong

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Abortion is one of the most controversial topics of today’s society. Each side in this seemingly never ending debate is very passionate in their opinions and not afraid to publicise them. The anti-abortion (pro-life) view is that getting an abortion is wrong. In contrast, people who are pro-choice believe that women have the choice to keep the baby or not. Ultimately, the decision to end a pregnancy shouldn’t be taken lightly, but should be the woman’s choice, and no one else’s. It is not up to one group of people to decide what is ethically appropriate for everyone else. Frankley, the pro-life movement is sexist and abortions are justifiable because the fetus is not yet a person. In the Journal Of Philosophy, Don Marquis wrote an article…show more content…
In which she discusses if letting someone die is ethically not as bad as killing someone. Thompson provides a variety of circumstances and asks which is more or less ethical. The trolley problem is one of the more complex and widely recognised of the thought experiments in the article. Providing a problem in which you have two options: do nothing and let a runaway trolley kill five people, or switch the trolley to a different track killing one person. The difference in most of her described experiments is if the person must do the unethical thing, or if they may do…show more content…
What is immoral in the case of abortion is treating women like baby incubators. The Earth is overpopulated as it is, and life for the sake of life is pointless. Additionally the people who have forced the woman to have the baby are not offering any help for when it is born. Nor will they be helping with any of the mental or physical stress involved. Don Marquis objected to Paul Bassen’s statement that “an embryo cannot be a victim because it lacks sentience” (Marquis 199), by saying that “they still have a future like ours” (Marquis 199). In defence of Bassen’s statement, there is a potential for that embryo, but there is also potential for every possible combination of sperm and egg. In essence when one person is born, millions of other possible people have been denied existence. Also, Marquis ignores the quality of life for that baby and the future of that woman. Marquis tried to defend his opinion but referring to plants as unimportant and lacking the same capabilities as humans. But in the future it will not matter which people or plants were alive. If you look back on history, it didn’t matter which people did not exist, only the people that did. Another thing to think about on the topic of history, is the extremely unsafe ways that women gave themselves abortions. Presently there are safe facilities where women can have an abortion without any risk to
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