Is Abortion Right Or Wrong

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Is abortion right? People fight a lot about it, they bring up their religious views, and it can't really be solved because people won't stop fighting about it. I think this conflict can not be solved because people think different things. And some people think they're right so they will state things against it and then maybe give up after people with actual facts prove them wrong. But then there will be more people that think they're right and might not give up this time. Religious views It's almost impossible to Change people's religious views about religion so there's almost no point in trying. So religious people (most people), aren't going to change their point of view. For example, someone said "Exactly Islam says Soul is Blown into Child after 120 Days" and someone else said "I don't even think people realize the supernatural implication of our actions" even though religion has nothing to do with it, they still refer to religion and the bible regardless of what science says and if it makes sense logically.…show more content…
"the majority of women having abortions are poor and can't afford to raise a child". They may have also been raped or something and they don't want a child of a rapist. Or they tried contraceptives, (birth control), but it didn't work, "Most people, as well, also used contraceptives, but they fail more often than you would think. They could have the child, but it would then just either be put into an adoption agency, or be raised in a home that can't sufficiently provide for
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