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Is Acai Berry A Scam? Weight loss is big business and where acai berry first gained prominence. It is because of these claims that scams proliferated involving the indigenous fruit from the Amazon region that spans Central and South America. Is there any grain of truth about the many purported health benefits of this grape-like fruit? Long before its discovery by the western world, acai berries have been part of the diet of natives in this region. These people consumed acai berry as juice, shakes, in salads and for toppings, even without the benefit of studies to prove it was really good for the body. It tasted delicious – sweet with a chocolatey aftertaste -- and was available. It was a bonus to feel invigorated, healthier…show more content…
This enables them to bring down prices, to the detriment of legitimate products which do contain pure acai. It also discredits the benefits of the miracle fruit because the likelihood that consumers will experience them, diminishes. The acai berry by itself is not the scam. It is the people who peddle them that engage in deceptive practices therefore destroying the credibility and all the good that is in acai. The native Amazons and South Americans were perfectly content to enjoy the fruit and gain healthful benefits from them. It is when emterprising people became involved in its distribution that questions arose about the fruit. People should not be deprived of enjoying acai berries and benefiting from its consumption. What is important is to find the companies who manufacture and sell these products with the most integrity. Ordering online has made purchasing a lot more convenient and quicker. But it has also opened the doors to deceitful enterprise. Choose only the suppliers and makers who have established their reputations as trustworthy

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