Is Action Or Inaction In Hamlet

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The constant return to the question of action or inaction in Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, pushes its readers to act and offers them a solution through using Hamlet as an example of what inaction and indecision can cause. Throughout the entirety story the main character Hamlet constantly debates whether he should attempt to kill Claudius to exact revenge for his father 's murder or not. On the surface this posed question seems to be purely based on the unstable nature of Hamlet but could it hold more? As a reader we have the outside knowledge to see the story as a whole, should Hamlet have acted and killed Claudius or left everything as it was. Regardless of what Hamlet does in the story we are able to judge the state and ending of the story and decide whether or not we believe it was right or not.…show more content…
At first some of us may have varying opinions but Shakespeare works to change that. We are suppose to learn from Hamlets mistakes and see first hand the impacts that action and inaction have on one 's life and those around them. We all know that Hamlet should have killed Claudius while he was praying after the play.Through the freudian lens we can see that if Hamlet had simply given in to his id and acted based on his instinctual desires he quite possibly could have survived through the

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