Is America A Land Of Opportunity Essay

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Throughout history there has always been the debate, is America a land of opportunity? It is well known that situations in the past have not always been handled very professionally. With a semi-weak government and the idea that only certain criteria meeting men will amount to anything gives off the impression that not all is off to a good start. It is said that time heals all wounds, but if you look thoroughly through a history textbook it is evident that this is not always the case. To look back at things in the past you can easily tell that times were exceptionally different and harder. So to answer the question, America may have been a land of opportunity, but it was not an equal one. It is no secret that in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Yet…show more content…
With slaves came the opportunity to work. With more hands that were not paid plantation owners only had more to gain as this went on through several states. Several slaves were sent in abundance to the West Indies to speed up the process of collecting sugar cane. This was extremely hard work for the slaves and only pushed the separation bar further apart. Along with Native Americans and slave women had no say over what went on in their lives a majority of the time. Yet all three had a huge impact on society and how things would forever leave a mark in history to be studied and admired. Another impact that swept throughout America was religion. Religion has and always will be around. The amounts of how they differ can be amazing; yet serve as an eye opening experience. There have been times in the past where churches have been reformed or broken apart and made into whole new organizations from groups of people joining together in this increasingly large movement. This does prove that people could step out and try things on their own, yet it also proved that no one could do anything without a source of judgement lying upon their
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