Is America An Empire Essay

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An empire is defined as a powerful group of nations, territories or people ruled by a single authority, especially an emperor or empress(Dictionary.) There were various Empires that existed in the early centuries of the developing world. The Muslim empires such as the Ottoman, Mughal, and Safavids, were all very powerful and had a lot of achievements. They flourished due to their government, military power, and leaders. Although they were very successful, they dealt with many rises and falls. Contrary to the Muslim empire, the United States today is very similar. Since 1990, the United States has had to fight many wars to convince the world that it was the only military and economic force to deal with. A lot of people today are easily intimidated by our domination worldwide with the use of military force and economic sanctions on which we generously rely (Ron Paul 1.) Despite the fact that many may deny the current stance on America today, United States is indeed an empire due to it’s strong military, the spreading of ideas, and economic power.…show more content…
Today, there are about 750 military bases and installations operated by the American military. This exists in roughly around 130 countries around the world. America currently accounts for around forty percent of all military expenditures in the world. As Niall Ferguson has stated, “There never has been an empire as powerful as America under George W. Bush (Ferguson 1.)” One empire that is very similar due to it’s military is the Ottoman empire. The Ottoman empire has had a lot of military success. They flourished because of the use of gunpowder and also has conquered many cities and countries (Beck 70.) By the Ottoman empire’s successful conquers, it led them to build up a vast and powerful military comparable to the United
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