Is America Really Free

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America is spoken highly by both those who reside in the United States and those who do not. It’s the land of living hope, woven dreams, aflame with longing and desire (Anzia Yezierska) “Here we are to be free from the dread drudgery for bread that held me down in Russia (17).” America represents the land of the free. Freedom of speech and expression, religion, healthy peacetime life and freedom from fear (Franklin D Roosevelt 44). It is because of these freedoms and rights that immigrants worldwide dream the American dream. I believe that we are the ultimate interpretation of democracy and the result is that we are free to make our dreams a reality.

America is the land full of possibilities where a penny can be turned into a dime with just hard work and perseverance. Being an American is all about taking advantage of the freedom of opportunities given to you. We offer a wide selection of opportunities that many places around us do not offer. Not every citizen takes these advantage, but those who do strive in the most marvelous way possible all thanks to the freedom given to us.
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These things are “patriotic” one might say, my dog could do those things but that doesn 't make him an American. People are not Americans if they aren 't willing to work hard towards the freedom of opportunities laying out for us to take. Immigrants do not have their dreams handed to them as soon as they enter America, they work for it turning their pocketful of pennies into a mountainful of
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