Is Animal Farm A Perfect Utopian Society?

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At first I had always thought of a perfect utopian society one way. I thought it would never change and always remain the same. Come to find out I was wrong with my thinking. The society that I always thought was perfect was what we had on Animal Farm. We had some rebellions and Napoleon became our rightful leader after chasing Snowball out of the farm using the dogs he had raised for his own use. Napoleon became the dictator, he knew best, and everybody followed his lead in conformity. When the pigs started to teach Boxer and I we “absorbed everything that [we] were told” (Orwell 18). They used propaganda to trick us into believing everything and that we know now, well what I know now. We worked hard and thought life was wonderful. We had…show more content…
Then in the winter our food supply started to diminish but the pigs kept getting fatter. That is when I started to question the utopian society I thought I lived in. When Napoleon started sleeping in a bed, I had Muriel read the commandments to me and I must have made a mistake because it read no animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets. I had thought it was my mistake but things like this kept happening. This lead me to believe that maybe Animal Farm wasn’t the perfect utopian society I have always dreamed and wondered about. Napoleon was becoming a worse dictator than Mr.Jones and had manipulated us into believing he was the best. I now can’t tell who is man or pig. My perspective of a utopian society now has changed a great deal after that experience. I believe we need a society where we don’t have a leader but if we did they would have limited power. All the animals could take time off of work once or twice a week, have full portions of food, and raise his/her’s own young. This would lead to a successful farm where all animals are happy and an animal like me won’t have to take care of motherless animals. There would be no welfare so you have to work for a

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