Is Animal Farm Realistic

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Is Animal Farm or Anthem both realistic? While others seem to think they both have realistic meanings in both story, I must evaluate that Animal farm seems to have a greater understanding of proving how everything can happen. To begin, in this essay the claim will be specified with evidence from the story Animal Farm. In addition, Anthem will be given facts from how the story has a bit of meaning to which states the claim. To sum it up, there will be support for a conclusion in for the claim in this essay. How can stories show what is realistically proven on how things can happen in the world? In the story Animal Farm, there seems to be an understatement of communism. Communism happens in the world today. However animal farm is about animals rebelling against the farmers which seem to be impractical, gives a greater understanding to prove what Communism is. This can be shown once you read the book. Animal Farm is displayed as the animals being humans and the government. The animals felt that they were not being treated right, so they began to rebel. Animal Farm also talks about what it’s like to live in a communist world. This is why I think that proves that Animal Farm seems to show that it is a stronger piece of evidence for the claim.…show more content…
In the story Anthem it relates to real world problems. To me it seems like Anthem is talked about what people what you to do. In the story it shows what problems go on with the world today. This story also shows what it 's like to be living in the world with situations that we are unaware about. Although, Anthem is expressed as being locked up or having a decency of being kept away at a certain point, it supports the claim on what actually is going on. It seems though that it lacks evidence, or a broad understanding in the story. This is why Anthem is not really showing an understanding of the
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