Is Art A Waste Of Time? By Ryhs Southan

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Artwork is all around the world, but is it really worth the resources and time for it? In the essay “Is Art a Waste of Time?” by Ryhs Southan he discusses the purpose of art and explains the group, Effective Altruism. The main argument is that Effective Altruism do not agree with using resources and time on artwork. Effective Altruism is against artwork the resources, and time it uses up that do not contribute to the poor. Art is like a language, ideas and thoughts that may not be able to be articulated any other way. The big debate is whether artist artwork is a waste of resources and time, or if it is good for the world with all the creativity and the beauty it has. Art is more than justifiable to enjoy it. The enjoyment of art gives modern…show more content…
Everywhere one goes there is artwork, because the world is art. People see it in their everyday lives. People hear it in music. People make their livings off of artwork. On the other hand there are those people out there in the world that have no desire for art, and agree with Effective Altruism. Effective Altruism believes that artwork is a waste of time and resources, and also thinks that artwork does no good for the needy. EA’s think artwork does not give back to the community. EA’s main goal is to make everyone happy in the world, and stop the suffering of the poor. One has to essentially work hard to earn money, and then give back as much of it as they possibly can to the needy. This is basically working to give to the needy, and to make the world a better place for everyone. Like Southan says “I find that most of us seem to ultimately care about something close to the concept of ‘wellbeing’ – we want everyone to be happy and fulfilled, and we encourage anything that leads to humans and animals feeling happy and fulfilled. Effective Altruists are known as not caring about, say, beauty, knowledge, life or the environment for their own sake – rather, they tend to find that they care about these things only in so far as they contribute to wellbeing”. I couldn’t imagine the world without artwork. I very much disagree with the activist group Effective Altruism. There are many reasons why I disagree with Effective Altruism. Artwork is what gives our life much more flavor to it. Life without art would be dull, and lackluster. Everything would be so basic, bare, and simple. Creativity is what really makes artwork amazing. People really enjoy some artists artwork, and are very passionate about it. Those will even go to the extent of spending thousands of dollars on artwork. There are artist in the world who try to express their feelings and show who they are by their artwork for everybody in the world to see. Everywhere
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