Is Batman's Definition Of A Super Hero

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In modern popular fiction, respectable superheroes are known as valiant characters that possess extraordinary talents and designate their time to protect the public from villains and crime. It is important for us to understand what constitutes being a superhero as opposed to a vigilante in order to evaluate if a character is a good super hero. The criteria a character must meet in order to be classified as a superhero are that they possess extraordinary powers or abilities, exemplify courage, and hold a strong moral code when it comes to how they obey society’s laws and how they handle villains. These criteria are key in distinguishing the difference between a superhero and a vigilante. DC Comic’s Batman is a good and respectable superhero…show more content…
A superhero must fit the natural stereotypes that most are familiar with in order to be a respectable hero. A perfect example of this would be Superman and how he flies in and saves the day, putting the villain in jail all within the system of the law. A counterexample would be Marvel’s Hulk. The Hulk, also known as Bruce Banner, is known for letting his anger control him turning himself into a giant green monster that tears through everything in his path. Although he may prevent a reasonable amount of crime, he destroys cities and is unable to control his own anger. The hulk is considered a superhero within the story line of the comics and films because of the role he plays but morally speaking, thee hulk has several faults that should prevent him from being classified a hero. Batman falls right in between these two examples. He is most known for consistently protecting the city of Gotham but he also has a dark side to him, hence the name “The Dark Knight.” He takes the fall for something he did not do, which establishes him as a criminal within the law, which in turn forces him to break the law by avoiding the police force. Batman meets enough of the criteria to be classified as a respectable superhero because he saves the people of Gotham constantly and he does not fight crime for personal gain but for the betterment of the community. He may disregard parts…show more content…
This is one characteristic that distinguishes a superhero from a vigilante. A vigilante seeks revenge and disregards the laws of society in doing so, such as killing people or destroying the city that they are fighting in, whereas superheroes capture criminals and generally either leave them for or hand them over to the city’s police force. An example of this contrast is seen in the film “V for Vendetta” (James McTeigue, 2006) where the main character V blows up a building for his own satisfaction in rebelling against the crooked government, which is a clear vigilant action. In all of the Batman comics and films, Batman generally works within the law and works with the Gotham City police force to bring criminals down through the use of the bat signal skylight that Commissioner Gordon uses to signal Batman. A valid argument can be made and must be considered that is against the idea that Batman works inside the law. Specifically in the most recent batman films that focus on the idea of “The Dark Knight,” a more active and explosive batman is seen. He causes quite a bit of damage to his surroundings in most of his battles, but what must be considered is that in all of these cases, Batman causes all of this damage unwillingly as it is just a consequence of fighting a reckless villain. Batman also holds a high moral code, which means he commits himself to
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