Is Boo Radley Courageous

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Many characters through the story, ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, have faced situations to be courageous, shown through many different examples. Boo radley, Atticus, & Scout are the main characters that had to show courage continuously in the story.To be courageous means to be brave in situations that other people may not agree with but in your mind you know its right to say and/do something. Boo Radley was a very shy but, courageous character all throughout the story. He was always in his house because of the trauma in his childhood. Boo radley has a strong connection with both Scout and Jem because he has a child's mind since he never got to grow up. Boo radley gave scout a blanket when there was a fire at Miss. Maudie's house, that took courage because Boo Radley never really came out of his house for anything, he didn't like to be seen and that was a risk wanted to take although, Scout nor Jem noticed. Boo Radley left scout and Jem gifts in a tree often. In the tree hold scout and Jem found things such as gum, soap carvings, coins, and a spelling bee metal. That took courage for Boo Radley because, it would mean contact with someone…show more content…
Atticus shot a dog that was heading for people in his neighborhood because the dog had rabies, the dog could have killed someone. That took courage because, Atticus was showing his children that he was actually good at shooting but, he chose not to, also, it showed courage is by risking his life by being close to the sick dog to save someone else from getting hurt. Choosing to do what he believed was right with the Tom Robinson trial. Atticus got a lot of trouble for defending Tom Robinson just because he was colored. It showed he was courageous because no matter what anyone said to him, he still kept his head high and forgave people for their ignorant remarks. He knew Tom was innocent and wanted to give his case
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