Is Boredom Really Good Or Bad Analysis

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Is Boredom Really Bad For You? Is being bored bad or good? In this short text “Is Boredom Really That Bad?” by Kristin Lewis, it talks about if being bored is actually good or bad for people. Some people say that boredom can help you in some ways, but I say it is very dangerous to be bored. In my opinion, being bored can really get people hurt or in trouble in very dangerous ways. One way to get hurt is to be so bored, that it will lead to doing dangerous things. This happens, because “Being bored can lead to anxiety, and it can be very destructive” (p.29). “Boredom, also leads to a very bad decision making” (p.29). In addition, “People who can’t cope with boredom, abuse themselves with drugs and alcohol” (p.29). Looking at all that,
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