Is Brutus A Betrayer Or A Patriot Essay

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Initially, after reading the story, I was confused on whether or not Brutus counted as a betrayer or a patriot and it seemed almost impossible to find out, but as I thought more on it, I discovered he had limited time before Caesar was officially crowned so he had limited options. However, I believe Brutus was a patriot because instead of joining the conspiracy right away when he is offered the chance by Cassius, he refuses because he does not think Caesar deserves something so harsh. Once Cassius plants the fake notes from Rome Brutus decides to kill Caesar because he doesn’t want the people becoming Caesars slaves. So instead of wanting to kill Caesar out of jealousy like Cassius, he just wanted to kill him in order for him not to turn the people of Rome into slaves. Brutus may also seem like a traitor because he chooses to die rather than be captured and …show more content…

This makes Brutus a patriot because when Cassius suggests killing Antony Brutus says “It’ll look like we killed Caesar out of anger and Mark Antony out of envy. Let’s be sacrifices but not butchers, Caius. We’re all against what Caesar stands for, and there’s no blood in that.” Therefore he has good intentions. I also believe Brutus was a patriot because of the speech he made to the people about why he had murdered Caesar. He explains that has Caesar had to die for his ambition and since he loved Rome more than he loved Caesar it was his duty to kill him. He also states that he is sad that Caesar had to die but that he would prefer him dead rather than have the people of Rome as slaves. He finally says that he will kill himself when his country is in need of his death. In the end of the story he does kill himself therefore he was true to his

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