Is Censorship Justified In Research

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Under what circumstance is censorship justified? Censorship is the suppression of information that prohibits content that is deemed inappropriate, confidential, or harmful. Moreover, content that is at risk of censorship include: books, movie films, videos, and web searches. While most oppose to the use of censorship, the topic is still contested. Some people, parents for instance, value the use of internet and book censorship to shelter children from information that may influence them negatively; others see censorship as an obstacle in obtaining information for research purposes. In addition, the article, “Book Banning in U.S. Classrooms and Libraries” by Michael Winerip, states that banning has created a barrier around sources of information, often due to complaints by those that believe the content is inappropriate or obscene. Furthermore, the article “Sex, Politics and the Banned Books of 2016” by Christine Hauser reveals books that have been banned for deemed inappropriate content, much of which can affect the lives of teens negatively. Henceforth, censorship should only be justified to protect people from violent, harmful, and otherwise confidential content that puts them in danger. Censorship is…show more content…
Many despise censorship for the restriction of information they should be free to have, however, not everything that is free is beneficial. It is essential to note the dangers teens can get into by being negatively influenced, such as becoming something they are not by complying to inappropriate mainstreams. In essence, censorship is needed to filter what benefits and what doesn’t in an adolescent 's way to adulthood. As a society that is filled with both corrupt and positive influences by the actions humans take, it is optimal to take what is truly needed and disdain what is
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