Is Charles Koch Necessary

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While many deplore millionaires and billionaires awarding money to political candidates, those benefactors feel it 's necessary to support nominees who agree with their ideas and philosophies. Years ago Paul Harvey said, "I am fiercely loyal to those willing to put their money where their mouth is." Candidates running in local, congressional, senate and the presidency who agree with the wealthy donor 's theories receive large donations. In today 's environment candidates require large sums of money to impel and impress their constituency. Getting your name out to the public is imperative. When you run for office in America you need money for advertising on television and print media. Additionally, salaries for staff member and travel requires plenty of money. Running for office is an expensive undertaking. Charles Koch is a wealthy business person who addressed issues of the country donates to candidates who discuss the needs of the country. In the past this co-chairman, CEO of Koch Industries, philanthropist, and benefactor to 200 colleges and research think tanks has donated…show more content…
Despite Koch 's disappointment Koch has promised donations close to 900 million for presidential candidates running as Republicans. Koch gives to many, especially Republicans and libertarian causes. In the past his interests have been in advancing libertarian ideas. “We’re being attacked every day by blogs, other newspapers, media, people in government, and they were totally perverting what we do and why we do it. We have had other people answering it,” Koch said. “But I’m the evil guy, so I need to come out and show who I am, like it or not.” Koch doesn 't mind using money to support candidates even though candidates oppose his opinions. Koch hopes the candidates will consider his list of issues he 's put forth. Perhaps someone from the vast field of Republicans can understand the logic, passion and philosophy behind Charles Koch 's commitment and dedication to politics in
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