Is Chocolate Worth Eating

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Chocolate: Is it really worth eating? Imagine yourself after a long day at work looking forward to coming home and having a sweet piece of chocolate. You enter your house exhausted and grateful to put your bags down. Your stomach starts to growl as you reach for the candy bar. When you unwrap the chocolate, your mouth starts to drool a little. As you sit and savor each chocolaty bite, you begin to recall a story you heard in the news. Immediately the chocolate taste begins to sour. The news article talked of how chocolate production is contributing to child trafficking. The information I provided bellow will make you wonder if chocolate is really worth eating. When I heard the words chocolate production, I recall a big factory that is roasting the beans. Then grinding the beans to form a paste, which is mixed with milk. The end results is a creamy chocolaty liquid. I never would hear about how the companies would obtain the beans.…show more content…
These plants require precise condition to grow. They desire a climate that has high humidity, the prefect soil and temperature. The perfect regions that provide the cocoa plant lay 10° north or south of the equator. There are two countries in West Africa offer that perfect conditions for the plants. These two countries are Ivory Coast and Ghana. (You Tube). The bordering countries have a pour economy. These people live in very poor conditions and many people travel across the borders into Ivory Coast and Ghana to work on cocoa farms. Unfortunately not only the adult crossing the borders but many children do as well. Many of these children are ripped from their families to go
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