Is Christianity Relevant Today

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C.S. Lewis once said, "Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, is of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important." Too often, I think that we as Christians treat Christianity as the third case Lewis described: "moderately important." We take our blessings for granted, only reach out to God in times of need or when convenient, and view faith and our relationship with God as a sort of piece of us (our "Sunday" selves, if you will)

rather than the most important, all-encompassing, and defining feature of our lives. I believe that Jesus is more relevant in the world today than ever, and I feel that people questioning the importance of Christianity is a direct cause.

The vast majority of Americans
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On a more individual scale, too, the relevance of Christ is seen. As we live in a society where instant gratification and one 's own self reign supreme, it seems as though Christianity is "moderately important" to most people. They believe that their careers, income, or social standing determines their success or wolfh, but even talking to my friends who aren 't religious, I

feel that more people now are realizing that there 's a certain emptiness or repetitiveness that can 't be cured by money, good grades, or a dream job. This is where the relevance of Jesus comes into play; people want a sense of fulfillment or to find a deeper meaning of life, and I honestly believe that the only thing that ultimately satisfies these longings is Christ.

Personally, this past year has caused the role of Jesus to be even more important in my life than ever before. I 've been guilty of being the type of person who considered Christianity to

be "moderately important," the case that C.S. Lewis basically dismissed as nonsensical. I 've

always been very successful—I made amazing grades throughout high school, held
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My sisters mean the world to me and I 'll do anything on my part to make sure that they can attend whatever university they dream of without cost being an object. I only hope that they, too, will experience God 's grace like I did (hopefully without going through as rough as an adjustment) and learn that Christianity is of infinite importance, not something that is only applicable when convenient. Regardless of who ends up being blessed with this scholarship, I ask that you
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