Is Classroom Learning Better Than Online Learning

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Is Classroom Learning Better than Online Learning?

Learning is a process of gaining skill or knowledge. These processes are included of some activities such as studying, practicing, being taught, and do some experiences. (The University of Edinburgh, 2015). The learning process has been improved over time to meet or adapt to the needs of each person. One of the ways to choose learning system that support the convenience of student is to take online learning. The definition of online learning is learning using the online system in which students do not have to attend classes. Although, online learning provides students to have the flexibility to attend the college at time and location that suitable for them, but before students make decision
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On online learning, students will build the interaction with the instructor through out by text, audio, and video. Indeed, online course offering a good deal of students capability to regulate their own time without being controlled by institutions. (Bejerano, A, 2008) .Which means that students do not need to do some activities and have more flexibility of time. However, considering the fact that online learning distance of students to the student society, it can be easily affected on how the students achieve the goals. In specify, for students who take higher education such as undergraduate, graduate, and master via online learning they definitely separated by physical interaction. Hence, the ability to have an interaction between students to faculty, lecturer, and some association that appeared on campus might not be used as properly and considerately. Moreover, lack of interaction, can make student more anxiety to interact in front of people. Because they do not have the opportunity that regular class has such as to have a discussion each other, presenting their work in front of class, expressing opinion and ideas and asking the question. Indirectly it also resulted on having less confidence and lack of curiosity. (Ni, A. Y,…show more content…
Carr (2000) reported dropout rates as high as 80% in online classes and suggested a rule of thumb that course completion rates are often 10 to 20% higher in traditional courses. (Ni, A. Y, n.d.) Thus, it is very challenging for the participant to actively seek for the help, learn and figure it out the material independently without any help from friends and others. Some of students may not have the skill to be the effective learners and after that triggers them have lack of motivation to learn independently. Especially with students who new to higher education, they tend to feel extremely depressed when faced with particular academic challenge and get easily to drop out.(Bejerano, A. R. 2008) Thus, for online participant they tend to get the opportunity to easily ignore the instructors. It forms the undisciplined behavior of online students. (McConnell, D,

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