Is Climate Change A Threat Than Terrorism Essay

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To what extent is climate change a bigger threat than terrorism? The term global warming brings fear to many people. The idea of the world changing is a petrifying thought. What makes it scary is that climate change is difficult to control and takes a lot of hard work and effort to stop it. Climate changes have increased quickly and are continuing to rise throughout the years. Many animal species have started to decrease in population due to the changes in the environment. Terrorism is also a rising problem throughout our world. It poses threats and then follows through with those threats unless they are stopped beforehand. However, terrorism can be taken care of and stopped by other countries through war. Climate change is the changing of the atmosphere or global temperature, which is usually produced by fossil fuels. California for example has been under a severe drought lately, and many people have been dying due to the lack of necessities such as: water and food- grown such as crops. It is really difficult to survive while lacking needs. In California the drought was not able to be stopped completely and bring back the water. It would take years for things to be normal there again, but the…show more content…
It brings destruction and tragedy to many nations. Terrorism just like climate change can pose as a threat to the world. The only difference is it can be stopped and controlled much quicker than climate change. Countries and nations could stop terrorism for example ISIS. If America, Russia, and the Middle East work together and cooperate, they could indeed stop ISIS from taking over and destroy it. Terrorism could have the same impact as climate change but the problem could easily be resolved or can even be stopped before happening. It might take some effort and cooperation but at the end it is still easier to stop than climate change would

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