Is College Worth A Better Life Essay

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In the lives of every single person, education is being taught in a variety of ways. (The Value of Education). By learning through experiences and communicating with each other. As the growth of maturity and intelligence develops, education is proving to be the key to a better future. After high school, the big decision will be decided whether college is worth the choice and, yes it is. College is worth it because of the big job opportunities, higher income, and living a better lifestyle. First, college offers big job opportunities. Others may believe that it benefits in jobs, but some think that college can also cause unemployment (Draeger). As college students prepare for a job hiring, sometimes the student doesn’t meet the job standards or the job just doesn’t suit the student, so therefore they’re not motivated to prepare for a career. If the student is preparing for a high position in jobs, then it gives superior benefits (The Value of Education). Some offered jobs hold high…show more content…
However, many people say that college can lead a harder life (Adam). During college education, students tend to drop out of their career field due to the pressure and frustration. After dropping out, students have to straighten their path. Starting a new and better lifestyle include traveling, for example (The Value of Education). Education could open a new learning experience between languages and cultures so that traveling could be a qualification. As the travel continues, helping others succeed is another option (The Value of Education). Teach what was learned in college and inspire other students to succeed in their careers all around the world. College also helps grow mentally (The Value of Education). With all the knowledge and experience gained through college, the mind gradually learns ways to understand new ideas and thought processes. One person’s growing mind can help other people around the world accomplish their career
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