Free Argumentative Essays: Is College Worth The Price?

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Many have the desires of going to college but fear the challenges one may face. Whether it being the fear of not exceling like they would want, failing or simply not being able to afford going. Thousands face these circumstances all over the world, but the question lies, does this really stop one from attending college to further their education? College is by far one of many debts one may encounter within a life time. It is expensive but is college worth the price? Many may argue that college is worth it and the experience being very valuable. As you begin to ponder if college is worth the hassle, time and or money look at how author’s Andrew Hacker, Claudia Dreifus “Are colleges worth the price of admission? “and Liz Addison “Two Years Are Better Than Four” and how they view college being worth the price. In the article…show more content…
She begins to explain how Perlstein as never step foot inside an American community college where the college experience of self-discovery does still matter to those that get there. This is true college is a place where you begin and where any and everything is possible. Just the thought or the dreams one may carry college is where it all unfolds. Liz went to two community colleges and felt the essence of independency. How can Perlstein say college does not matter anymore she thought. Liz feels as though the community college system is America’s hidden public service gem and if she had the chance to become candidate for office she would make sure anyone looking to go to college knew where to find one. Community colleges are affordable, they give hope and an option to dream. Many wouldn’t be able to attend college had it not been for the community colleges institutions. Liz says college does still matter. If Perlstein had the chance to attend a community, he too would find his college years of self-discovery and find out that college does still
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