Is College Worth It? By David Leonhart

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After reading and analyzing, “Is College Worth It?” by David Leonhart and “Why College Isn’t for Everyone” by Chris Matthews, I have concluded that it is important and beneficial to attend college. Although, Chris Matthew made a compelling argument on why college is not for everyone such as, “ Up to 25% of college grads would probably be better off not pursuing a degree, yet nobody actually thinks they are going to be the ones for whom the investment doesn’t pay off.” Unfortunately, he previously had contradicted himself saying, “First, we don’t know for sure how much money this bottom quarter of degree holding earners would have made without their college education.” I disagree with Chris Matthews because although 25% of people who attend college do not become more “successful” than those who chose not to attend college, there a lingering prominent 75% that is out in the world being positively affected by the decision of attending college. Furthermore, I am inclined to agree with David Leonhart and his article, “Is College Worth It?” because he explains that although sometimes the outcome of this investment is not completely successful, it is beneficial to 98%…show more content…
I personally was not sure about how I would pay for college but fortunately San Francisco State University allowed me other ways to have the opportunity to afford a bachelor’s degree and hopefully a Master’s degree. My initial incentive to attend college was better my education and understand of the world around me if even 5 miles away or 10,000 miles away. As a first generation student, I saw the idea of becoming more of an average worker fascinating, I aspire to be part of the 75% of successful investment, but if I am destined to be part of the 25% then I will find a way to continue to better myself with
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