Is College Worth It Dbq

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Is College Worth It? Going to college can be really expensive and not affordable but that doesn't mean you should go college is worth going to because you have a higher chance of getting a good job and you can also get more money with a better job and lastly quality of life college can improve how you live you become more responsible and independent with your own self and work. College is worth going to because of job employment in the Document A it shows that people with a doctoral degree earn up to $1,623 weekly than in contrast to people with only a high school diploma who earn only $678 dollars weekly another example from Document A is that people with no High School employment have unemployment rate of 8.0% in the other hand a person with at least an associate's degree has only a 3.8% of not finding a job this means that people who go to college even if it's just for a associates degree have a better living and chance of getting employed than a person who only has their high school diploma.…show more content…
This goes to show even with the minimal of a bachelor's degree people have a better living than a person with only a High School diploma or a person without
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