Is College Worth It?

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Is college worth it? Should you go to college? (History of college). Here is some reasons why you should. Each year there are thousands of students enrolling into college, hoping they will get to learn and study about their dream job. Many colleges have been around for decades. There are many colleges like Harvard and Yale named after a man who started college in the colonial era. College education is worth the cost because individuals make more money with a degree, more jobs look for employees with a degree, and there are added benefits to a college education. College graduates have a better chance at getting a good paying job. There are some non college graduates that have gotten good paying jobs as well, but you are…show more content…
This isn’t all circumstances, but it is most because jobs tend to hire individuals who are more qualified for the job (PR Newswire). Investors feel 529 plans are best for college savings (PR Newswire). This is a smart plan to use. More than half of the percentage of people speaking their opinions about college think it is worth it despite the rising costs (PR Newswire). Parents probably believe they will benefit in the long run from their children making more money and getting benefits like good hours, healthcare, and money to help pay for their parents retirement. Many people used money given to them to help pay for their kids or grandkids college (PR Newswire). This seems to be a popular way of getting through college. If you want benefits to help you and your family going to college is the better choice. When one considers going to college, they would choose to because of making more money, finding a nice job, and the benefits that job would come with, it is clear that college is the best decision. So therefore you will always have some spending money and a little cushion to fall back on. You will have a larger variety of well paying jobs to choose from. Extra benefits may come with this too like extra vacation time, a better environment, healthcare, good insurance, and early retirement. College is also a great place to figure out who you are as a person and what you’re truly interested
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