Argumentative Essay: Is College Free Or Free?

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Is college worth the huge amount the people have to pay, is it worth the debt students incur, does it prepare more than a technical, but if college was free none of this would need to be a worry. College is a growing controversy here in America due to the growing need for college graduates in the workforce, but what about those left behind. College is seen as something people in America have to pay for but now it’s a requirement for any good paying job now, so why shouldn’t it be free; this question will be answered with these topics: is it worth the cost, is a technical degree something more affordable and reliable, does social status affect what kind of college education one can receive, does high school prepare people for college, is college…show more content…
High Schoolers who don’t go into college after high school end up being unemployed by 14% of the age range from 20 to 29, while college graduates are only at 5.8% (Rampell, Catherine.). As well, even if they don’t get their intended position with their degree they still make on average 82% more than their high school counterparts in that section of the job field. Which is a great thing for the college graduates, if they put the money they still can get a return. This gives the ones who can’t afford it a chance at least. And with the help of subsidies, from state governments that go to the school, they can boost the pay of college graduates with a four year degree and even those who don’t have a degree at all (Rampell, Catherine.). But in recent years the subsidies haven’t been catching up with the cost of living in America which forces the colleges back to having the students pay most everything they do on campus (Rampell, Catherine.). Moreover for the poor of America who can’t afford to go half ends up still poorly. Giving the stone cold truth college is not a choice anymore. That if people want to move up the ladder to a decent paying job where they can support themselves and their family college is the only true means of doing
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