Is College Worth The Cost

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Is college really worth the cost Is college worth the time and money. All parents want their kids to go to college. Parents want better for their kids. Parents do not realize how much college costs until it’s time for their child to go. Most parents find it hard to pay for college. College is not worth the cost considering there are jobs for people that do not go to college, Time could be used at a job, and Students end up in major debt. Instead of students going to college, they could go straight into the workforce. Going to college helps obtain you better jobs. The effort students put into receiving a degree is not the same as ten years ago ( Shierholz ). For the price you have to pay, you should be receiving more out of it. people with college degrees watch their paychecks go up and down with inflation. ( Shierholz ). Even with a degree substantial pay is not guaranteed. “hourly wages for young college-educated men in 2000 were $22.75, but that dropped by almost a full dollar to $21.77 by 2010 “ ( Shierholz ). Wages for college graduates are not as high as they use to be. The cost, time, and effort put into college isn’t worth the outcome. Students who spend time in the classroom could be working. Students who spend time in the classroom could be working. The price of a college education has increased a thousands in the recent past. ( Charlie ). A college education isn 't as easily affordable as it use to be. “ tuition costs are wasted on classes that are
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