Is Conflict Destructive Or Constructive Essay

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How does conflict impact daily life? Is conflict destructive or constructive? I would argue for the ladder, constructive. Conflict can make the best qualities and values of people shine. Conflict will end up being a positive thing no matter what situation you or the people around you are placed in. Conflict will only seem to be negative if you don’t focus on the larger picture, the overall goal of the the conflict and its resolution. For example, the Civil War, people could say it cost people their lives, destroyed relations from the Union and the Confederates, or cost both sides a tremendous amount of money. People could focus on the little issues or the larger one, slavery. The Civil War lead the abolishment of slavery and in the end made…show more content…
If conflict is narrowed down to the smaller picture, it will appear this way. A great example of this is every war fought in human history, war systematically fixes conflict. The people that would say, “war is bad” or “it kills people” don’t understand the concept of the bigger picture. In Anne Frank there were little issues, such as Mr. Van Daan and his cigarettes, or the rift at times with the Frank and Van Daan families, but the overall conflict was World War II. If this war never happens, Nazi Germany and Italy could have easily taken over Europe with no one to step in and tell them to stop. Even though war cost many lives, we have stories like Anne Frank, and ruined the mental well-being of the soldiers fighting in it, what it did was larger than the conflict around it. People will say that the Holocaust was the worst event to happen in history and it stemmed from the war, but nothing like the Holocaust will ever happen again because we now know what the world will be like if and religious hatred grows into reality again. Conflict will help in the end result, you must look at the bigger picture and not be so narrow minded. Conflict will change relationships, but it will also bring out the best in

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