Is Confucianism A 'Religion?' Is Daoism?

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Is Confucianism a “religion?” Is Daoism? Which categories of religion that we’ve been using do they meet? Which do they fail? Confucianism is essentially teachings about ethics and the way you should live your life. It is considered more philosophical and ethical than a religion. It is different from other religions because they do not believe in a divine being. Humans are the ones who are viewed improvable and teachable through its texts. Confucianism is not recognized as a religion in China but five are and they include, Buddhism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam. They have no formal hierarchy like the Vatican. Confucianism is thought to help self-cultivate individual and personal endeavors. While they do not acknowledge a God they also do not recognize life after death but only life before death.
Similar to Jews, they believe in burying parents and reciting Kaddish prayers, however it is a way for them to express honor and eternal love. The actions of a follower should be focused on in this world and especially on social relations including rites, etiquette, and ethical actions that make social harmony possible. A devoted follower practices the virtues by the Wuchang, or known as the Five Virtues which characterize
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This is similar to the idea of meditation from Buddhism. I think Daoism can be considered more of a philosophy but scholars suggest otherwise. This religion can be divided into religious Daoism and philosophical Daoism. Philosophical Daoism is about accepting death while religious Daoism is about overcoming death through immortality. Similar to Confucianism and Buddhism, Daoism borrows concepts and ideas from them such as, prayer, priests, and polytheism. Religious Daoism is for the “elites” and can be compared to Hinduism in the sense they develop spiritual ways for immortality and a long life which involve many practices including breathing

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