Is Cosmetic Surgery Acceptable Essay

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Is Cosmetic Surgery Acceptable? Cosmetic surgery is acceptable on the condition that it does not sacrifice health and is not carried to extremes in the name of beauty. Nowadays, medical as well as scientific advances have added a brand new dimension to the pursuit of people for their desired appearances. Through medical surgery, some doctors can now perform miracles and turn an ugly duckling into a swan. Some of the people criticized that it is unacceptable and unnatural, while others give praises to the new in inventions. The pursuit for beauty is a limitless endeavor in history of human throughout the eras. Despite the old adage warning us that beauty is only skin deep, billions of dollars is expended on skin care services and products every year for women and even men, be them young and old. The elderly dye their hair to cover the white and grey one while youngster want more color and highlight. The lists go on. Undeniably, everyone has a vein of vanity in him or…show more content…
The pursuit for beauty is deeply ingrained in everyone. There is nothing wrong with pursuing beauty through the use of better beauty products, skin care services, or even cosmetic surgery as long as people do it in a sensible way and do not carry it to an extreme level. However, exorbitant amount of money should not be spent on these products or procedures to the extent that people ignore other obligations in their lives. Most people might want to use their limited resource to do more important things than predominantly their looks. Cosmetic surgery of which people cannot bear the risks or that it may put their health in jeopardy should also be averted. Finally, plastic surgery is only meant to enhance people’s extrinsic beauty but not to change intrinsic qualities. People are suggested not to go so far as mistakenly hoping that it will create a new life for them. That is just a wishful
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