Is Daphna's Theory Of A Bad Man

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According to the articles on blackboard it is suggested that children of the Holocaust survivors may inherit trauma and depression. There have been a couple theories that certain behaviors or addictions can be passed down through generations. So this theory of the younger generation inheriting certain traits does not seem shocking. Out the plays we have read The Man in the Glass Booth, The Puppetmaster of Lodz, and Bad Jews only one can relate to this theory. The Man in the Glass Booth and The Puppetmaster of Lodz do not prove this theory. Both of these stories are based of someone who has survived the war but have both gone crazy. They do not have any kids so it is hard to prove this theory is true in these plays. In The Man in the Glass…show more content…
The story is based on three children whose grandfather just passed away. Each of them have their own unique personality. The granddaughter, Daphna believes is very dedicated to her faith. The two grandson’s are on the other side of spectrum of their cousin, Laim does not care at all and Jonah is in the middle. There is a huge brawl over who should get their grandfather’s Chai necklace. Throughout the play each character’s personalities show more and more. Daphna is almost crazy because she believes in her faith so much. Laim is the rebel and filled with aggression and is also dating someone that is not Jewish. Jonah is in the middle and he seems almost depressed because he does not have any emotion over anything. All of those traits could have been easily passed down through the generations. Even though we do not know for sure their grandfather had these traits but it is safe to say he must have had some aggression and depression after the war. However he had his faith to keep him strong and work through it. Even though not all of those plays can prove the theory that younger generations can inherit trauma and depression. It is clear to see that it can be proven in Bad Jews. It is a modern play about a normal Jewish family living in society today. Certain emotions and addictions can be passed down. Today it seems like more people have depression or sleeping problems. Or addictions with tobacco and alcohol use have been passed down through generations. It is a proven fact that certain things are passed down in many families all over the
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