Is Death Penalty Equal To Unfair?

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2.1 Argument 1: Death Penalty is Equal to Unfairness
Death penalty, or known as Capital Punishment, is the most severe form of punishment of all legal sentence. However, is death penalty fair or just?
Many people frequently debate over the fairness of the death penalty. According to the general agreement that not all severe cases or capital crimes are equally odious. Not all capital crimes deserve death. The sentence should be tailored to the offense done by an individual (Novak, 2013).
Humans always make mistakes. Judges and Juries are human and that does not mean that they will not make mistake while they make their judgement on an offender. Dhillon, Mohammad and Ng (2012) state that although most of the capital crimes require sensible evidence before a person is sentence to death, it does not guarantee that no mistakes when a conviction is make. The study of Columbia University Law School concluded that 2/3 of all death sentence have errors. This circumstance might happen on an innocent people, which shows that death
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One of the reason to retain capital punishment is the death sentence can be used as a retribution for the death that was caused. This reflects a natural concern of society. According to Dhillon, Mohammad and Ng (2012), it is known that the victim’s family and friend have a very great detestation to the murderer. They would certainly hope that the murderer will get executed under the enforcement of death penalty in return for the life taken. Richard and Devine (2003) state that the death penalty is a necessary and appropriate punishment to the murderer. Many people feel that capital punishment is retribution for crimes. Most of the people agree that punishment should be done for murder. Treating death penalty or capital punishment as though it is ‘eye for an eye’, ‘blood for blood’ or ‘murder for murder’ (Dhillon, Mohammad and Ng,
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