Is Edward Snowden A Traitor Or A Hero?

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MARLINE GOMES HIS 320/ ASSIGNMENT 1 Perhaps, Edward Snowden is one of the most debatable figures in recent history, which refers him to be a traitor or a hero. To some, he is a heinous criminal who should be brought to justice or to some he is considered as a national hero. The controversy arises when Snowden leaked a massive number of confidential documents in 2013, with detail governmental investigation programs after quitting his job in National Security Agency (NSA). Journalists from The Washington Post and The Guardian helped him to expose the leaked documents. Currently, Edward Snowden presides in Russia with political asylum. He is unable to return to his own homeland as most of the people see his as a traitor. On the other hand, some believe he was heroic for showing the Americans that our government was illegally on spying her own people and other nations, so what he leaked that did prove his true motive of maintaining nationalism. Following are several arguments for both sides. The argument of his heroism shows that leaked document by him focuses on the existing and shocking extent of a global mass surveillance system that US government used to spy on the personal communication of millions of American and foreign citizens having no affiliation with terrorism. Without any consent or court warrants, our government was intervening in private emails, phone conversations, web history and many more. Because of Snowden’s shared information reveals debate that the

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