Is Euthanasia Ethically Wrong

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According to the article The Ethics of Euthanasia, “The term “euthanasia” is derived from Greek, literally meaning “good death”. Euthanasia is a drug that is used for assisted suicides. When someone is in critical pain they confide in doctor 's to intentionally help kill them. The use of euthanasia and assisted suicide is a controversial subject to society because many people believe it is wrong but the ones who are actually in pain believe it’s their right.
The use of euthanasia is very helpful in some conditions especially if a patient 's disease is terminal and/or painful and this would end their pain. There are some diseases such as “ ALS [which] weakens and eventually destroys the muscles, rendering the person unable to move and
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The ethics of euthanasia and assisted suicide is overall immoral but can also be somewhat moral. Assisted suicide can be somewhat moral if the patients want to end their life then they should do what they believe is right for them. Such as how euthanasia/assisted suicide “ is argued that as part of our human rights, there is a right to make our own decisions and a right to a dignified death”(The Ethics). Since it is their own body and they have complete control over it. Another way it is moral is because it helps patients with terminal diseases end their suffering. Some say that “ the fundamental moral values of society, compassion and mercy, require that no patient be allowed to suffer unbearably, and mercy killing should be permissible”(The Ethics). However, it is immoral through faith to take your own life because you are taking away a body that God has created and sacrificed for. It is also immoral towards the doctors for helping patients kill themselves and letting them hurt their family and friends. According to Patient 's Right Council, in most states “ A person commits the crime of manslaughter if the person intentionally aids another person to commit suicide”.
Since euthanasia and assisted suicide is such a controversial subject it is hard to tell whether it is right or wrong to accept this in our society. It is a strange subject because of the way death is treated in this situation. Although it is a confusing subject to our society, in brave new world it is
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