Is Everyone A Little Bit Racist Analysis

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An undetected virus surfaces everywhere, while leaders of society try desperately to find a cure, to stop this heinous virus named: racism *dramatic music*. The articles “Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?” by Nicolas Kristof and “Black Men and Public Spaces” by Brent Staples, emphasise how society is primarily racist against African Americans. These articles acknowledge that black men in America are victims of extensive racism, that individuals who declare they believe in racial equality are covertly supremacists, and that American culture encourages that black men are omens of danger. With racism manifested and lodged in society, Blacks will be prevented from reaching their full potential. Rooted within our nation are stereotypes that classify…show more content…
Countless individuals who pursue racial equality “consider themselves enlightened, who intellectually believe in racial equality, who deplore discrimination, yet who harbor unconscious attitudes that result in discriminatory policies and behavior” (Kristof, 1). Those who declare they support racial equality wholeheartedly occasionally do not uphold their beliefs, deeming them hypocrites. In a realistic situation, an ‘enlightened’ person may judge a tall, black man sporting a biker jacket, baggy jeans, a gold chain necklace, and tattoos scaling up his arms, labeling him as a “thug” or “gangster”. Since these ‘enlightened’ people are absent-mindedly being racist, others are doing precisely the same thing, which continues the use of racism. In another viewing angle, doctors use less pain relievers while aiding Blacks and Hispanics, and police officers arrest blacks at about three times the rate of whites for the same crime. Though doctors and officers claim to uphold these standards, they are subconsciously treating Blacks and Hispanics differently. Since these people title themselves ‘enlightened’, they should uphold their standards to support the racial equality of…show more content…
In America, “there’s a whole culture that promotes this idea of aggressive young black men” (Kristof, 2). The budding generation of African Americans is led to believe what social media, television, and literature portrays them to be murderers, drug dealers, and gangsters, are what their inheritance in society is. To rid of this stereotype that black men are dangerous, social media, video games, and literature should stop illustrating Blacks as the antagonists. Seeing that the media has a strong influence as what Blacks are depicted as, they can change the whole country’s opinion about Blacks, and shift the population’s views of Blacks to a more positive perspective. By exposing in media that other races can be criminals, Blacks would not be in the limelight for being criminals. This exposure would increase what Blacks could achieve in their life, since they are no longer identified as
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