Fast Food Is Bad

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A question a lot of people will ask is, "Is fast food healthy?" and there is a simple answer, no; but because of that people blame it for all of the problems the United States has with obesity and weight. There are many reasons weight problems are an issue, but fast food leads into most of them. With that said, fast food is linked to the obesity epidemic but is not the sole cause of it.

Some people are strong believers that fast food does cause obesity. One reason is it is filled with fats, sugars, salt, and an immense number of calories "Fast Food & Diabetes...". This is one of the main reasons people think it causes obesity because all of those put together can make someone very unhealthy. A major reason people assume it causes obesity
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One of the main reasons that fast food has reoccurring customers, except from the fact that it is addictive, is that there is a dollar menu and special deals that lower the price of the food (Edrington). That attracts people who are trying to save money and get a filling meal for cheap. Once they realize how cheap it is they might still go back after they realized they only spent six dollars on a whole meal. There is also the convenience factor involved since many places have a drive through where people can go pick up their food and go to where they need to be (Edrington). This is helpful to almost everybody, including myself at times, so it definitely attracts many people. Also, it is top priority of these restaurants make sure their food tastes good (Edrington). They may do this at the cost of it being healthy but the masses don’t care if it is healthy. The final, probably most important way, they're as well known as they are is the marketing (Edrington). Since they have so much money, they can put advertisements anywhere, like big events or just big tv networks. They can also sponsor sporting events or provide toys to kids. What they broadcast is key though; they will broadcast a new "healthy" alternative, or new toys, maybe even a new deal they have going.

There have been some changes to most fast food places for the better. What they did was try and put some healthier alternatives on the menu. Wendy's have released some menu options that are smaller and have less calories, this can be for the people that want just a quick snack on the go. With that, people can still enjoy the price, convenience, and taste without the high risk of gaining weight. Burger King has also done something similar; they changed up their fries and made them have less calories to help with calorie intake
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